New York’s virtual telephone answering service


Immediately receive every message as a voice recording in your email

Assess after-hours call priority

You aren’t able to answer every call, but we can do it for you. The Callifi medical call answering service will be programed to seamlessly take all of your calls when your office closes down for the day. Voice messages are instantly delivered to your email inbox as a voice recording so that you can know if you must respond right away.

The Callifi telephone answering service provides the option to have messages delivered directly to your inbox, without being stored on any other server, to protect patient privacy and confidentiality. Medical practices trust Callifi to deliver after-hours messages quickly while presenting a professional image to all callers.

Callifi answering service gave me my off hours back, and I’m paying a fraction of what I was being charged.


Error-free answering

Using a virtual answering service that records patient messages and delivers them to you, eliminates common human errors such as misspellings, misinterpretations, wrong call back numbers, and omissions. Additionally, the message recording comes directly without passing through outside ears, and can be stored for future reference.


Easy mobile management

Interface with the application right on your mobile phone to change the on-call email address, or add addresses to the distribution list. Adjust on and off times to account for schedule variances, and ensure no call is missed.

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