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The right office phone system starts with telephones that combine ease-of-use with meaningful utility. Use the phone company that recommends phones based exclusively on your business communication needs because we aren’t committed to any single manufacturer. We’ll help you choose from five leading office phone manufacturers: Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream, and snom.

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Keep your existing equipment, or upgrade. It’s up to you. Either way, Callifi hosted VoIP service will answer all your requirements, from analog features, to the latest PBX functionality. While other VoIP providers force you into unfamiliar phones and functions, we keep you comfortable and connected.

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Phone system repair

Your business’ telephone system needs to work — so you can, too. With 50+ years in telecom, we ensure uptime with proactive preventative maintenance. And in case of a telephone system emergency, our skilled technicians are available for on-site support in the Tri-State area 24/7.

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Business VoIP service designed around your business

It’s rare to find a phone company with a detailed understanding of how telephone systems must be configured to interconnect reliably with internal IP networks, and the external analog telephone network. Many business phone systems falter because organizations settle for specialists in VoIP or analog phone systems that lack insight into the entire breadth of modern telecommunications technology.

With over 50 years of combined experience providing the reliable streamlined phone systems New York businesses require, Callifi is the local authority on all aspects of telecom. We unite the reliability and comfort of analog telephone service with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of modern IP PBX-based VoIP phone systems. So whatever your requirements, we can build and maintain an office phone system you can trust with the voice of your company.

We partner with proven IP phone manufacturers and use cutting-edge patented technology to route your calls with the utmost reliability. Be confident your phone system is in capable hands as we manage your phones, and phone connection, for you. And, as a true partner, we provide on-site training to all users until everyone is comfortable getting the most out of your phones.

Advanced VoIP connectivity

Streamline your business communications with fewer touchpoints, and remove telecom management from your list of to-dos.

  • Combine your voicemail, fax delivery, and email into one convenient inbox.
  • Block disruptive telemarketers with a customizable “Do Not Answer” list.
  • Never miss a phone call with Callifi’s steadfast redundancy options – the same hosted PBX phone system that proved its resilience against Hurricane Sandy.
  • Connect telecommuters as if they’re in the office, with the full range of telephone features and functionality that are accessible remotely.
  • Do what you do best. Our hands-on white-glove phone system service, support, and maintenance lets you focus on your expertise while we provide you with ours.

VoIP that boosts profitability

NYC businesses trust Callifi because we deliver more than a reduced phone bill. We reduce your infrastructure costs, eliminate procedural redundancies, and enable greater productivity.

  • Protect your business against the costly downtime inflicted by other VoIP providers. Our real-time network monitoring and preventative maintenance measures keep your connection live.
  • Minimize new infrastructure costs by using as much existing equipment as possible, and hosting your VoIP system with Callifi for a low monthly subscription.
  • Take full advantage of our expert telecommunications knowledge to build a streamlined VoIP system free from superfluous and expensive extras.
  • Easily add new phones and extensions without the interruption of additional installation.
  • Get up and running without delay. The Callifi installation process has been perfected to minimize interference with the fast pace of New York offices.
  • Free-up valuable floor space and reduce energy costs by removing physical infrastructure from your office and hosting PBX features in the cloud.

All-inclusive phone functionality

Your specific workflows require specific functionality. Beyond basic dialing and call transfers, many phone functions need to be custom built into a system. Customization is standard practice at Callifi, so your VoIP phone system is the productivity enhancing, margin growing communications tool it needs to be.

  • Call park – Put a call on hold at one desk, and pick it up at another.
  • Find Me/Follow Me – Have your number programed to ring all your phones at once, or each one in sequence until you pick up.  
  • Voicemail to Email – Receive voice mesages as a readable message in your email inbox.
  • Intelligent routing – Route calls by caller ID so that incoming calls are routed to your closest location.
  • Faxing – Send and receive faxes without headaches using advanced Fax over IP technology that irons out the connectivity issues that typically plague internet faxing.
  • Security – Protect your system against fraudsters with top-of-the-line encryption, destination restriction, and real-time traffic monitoring.

Brands we service

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Our Promise

A VoIP system that works

Voice over IP must be configured impeccably in order to deliver the clear, reliable connection your business needs. Modern office phone systems do not stand alone, they interact with your internal network, and your Internet connection – sometimes over multiple locations. Your phone system will be treated as a master work, with the utmost care dedicated to ensuring solid long-term functionality and connectivity. We understand and adhere to the rules for building network interconnections. Our technicians are highly trained in telecommunications and network infrastructure to ensure nothing is missed on installation or during maintenance. From phone functionality, to call forwarding rules, to auto attendant, your VoIP system will be custom built around your specific needs. We are not just a phone company, we are phone system artisans.

Callifi networked all our locations, allowing us to process calls between locations as if it was all one office.

Phone service that makes you look and feel good

In a world of distorted discount phone connections, imagine the relief of your callers when they can actually hear your end of the conversation. Your phone system can’t “just work”, it needs to function at peak-performance at all times. You can relax knowing your system is continuously monitored for potential threats to voice quality and phone connectivity. Preventative measures are taken well before any communication issues impact productivity. We’re problem solvers, not salesmen looking to upgrade perfectly functional telephone equipment. We work with existing equipment as much as we can before recommending changes, and always take care to clearly communicate any and all costs associated with your decisions.

Callifi answering service gave me my off hours back, and I’m paying a fraction of what I was being charged.

Unsurpassed telecommunications expertise

As long as there are copper telephone lines carrying voice communications, your voice service partner will need to know the intricacies of connecting to the global telephone network. And in this world of virtual hosted phone systems, you must work with a provider that is up-to-date on the latest developments in IP telephony. We chose our name to represent our ability to make any phone system work at its best as a symbol of our commitment to delivering seamless telecom expertise you won’t find anywhere else.

Switching to Callifi fixed our call quality issues. We highly recommend Callifi.

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