snom 720
12-line IP Phone With 18 LED Programmable Function Keys

The VoIP Phone With 18 Speed Dials

A full-featured office phone that raises the bar in its class in terms of audio quality, available features, and day-to-day utility.
It is an ideal phone for users who demand a great deal of call volume management to quickly handle calls, or to monitor line status.

Feature Highlights:


• Weight: approx. 900g (670g without foot stand)
• Dimensions: approx. (mm) 238x190x40 (LxWxD) w/o footstand, 238x190x220 (LxWxD) with foot stand
• Power: PoE or 5V DC power supply
• Ethernet: 2 x IEEE 802.3/1 Gigabit switch
• 1 x LAN, 1 x PC: RJ 45
• USB port: 1 x type A, USB 2.0 Hi/Full/Low Speed-compatible host interface
• Handset: 4P4C connector
• Headset: (wired) 4P4C connector; wireless via USB adapter (2) or snom EHS Advanced (3)

User Interface:

• Graphical four-line display
• 18 freely programmable keys 4 variable function keys
• Comfortable and intuitive menu structure
• Selection of ringtones, VIP ringtones, integration of customized ring tones
• Call indication with LED
• LED indication for missed calls, waiting messages, and calls on hold
• Speakerphone
• Clock with automatic daylight-saving time
• Call timer (call duration)
• Volume button

Phone Functions:

• 12 lines
• Directory with 1000 contact entries
• Import/export of directory
• Speed dialling
• URL dialing
• Local dial plan
• Automatic redial on busy
• Call completion (Busy/Unreachable)
• Caller identification
• Call waiting
• Lists of missed, received and dialed calls
• Hold
• Handling of up to 12 calls simultaneously
• Blind and attended transfer
• 3-way conference on the phone
• Extension monitoring, call pickup
• Call park, call unpack
• Do not disturb (DND)
• Mute microphone
• Keyboard lock