Forward calls anywhere


True mobility starts with flexible call forwarding

Call forward to any location or device

The modern workforce isn’t tied to a desk. You need users to be mobile and engaged, they need to be able to forward calls wherever they’re going to be so that customers needs can be met in a timely manner.

Callifi provides all the call functionality your business will need. Send calls to mobile phones, other locations, and even home offices on a temporary basis. Users can set a schedule for forwarding rules, and we will provide detailed training on how to forward calls using our telephone system.

I can not express in words how satisfied I am with Callifi. They do a fantastic job and they treat you like family.

Toll-free forwarding

With our service, you can forward call to any of your toll-free numbers to any other number internationally. So domestic toll-free calls can easily route to foreign contact centers or answering services. It’s how many of our clients maintain a local presence even as the execute globally.

Conditional forwarding

Create rules to forward certain calls at certain times. When phone calls arrive in our system, they will be checked to for forwarding criteria. Any preset conditions will redirect incoming calls to the appropriate destination. Rules can be set based on caller’s area code, time of day, or current call volumes to ensure phone calls are answered as quickly as possible by the most appropriate person.

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