Full-Service Business VoIP Phone Systems

Real people. Business phone system experts. Local support.

Priced for the small, built for the big.

Callifi is built for business of all sizes. Our price points are designed for your success, making us the best choice for value, features and service.

Crystal clear HD quality, always.

Callifi’s phone system is scalable to any business size while maintaining the highest HD voice quality. Your phone calls and conferences will always be crystal clear, just the way you need them.

Our support is lightning fast & we pride ourselves on uptime.

At Callifi, we prioritize support. All support requests are solved within minutes. You will always speak to a qualified technician who will resolve any concerns onsite or remotely. Callifi is here to ensure your phone service is never interrupted.

Monitor your systems without wasting time.

We keep a close eye on your phone systems so you don’t have to. If any outside influences affect your phone service, a Callifi agent will alert you right away.

Take your offices everywhere.

Callifi adapts to your work needs. Use the phone system from your desk phone, computer or mobile device. Callifi makes you global. Use Callifi to connect all your offices and employees, regardless of where they are located.

Ultimate peace of mind

Callifi handles every aspect of a successful business phone system including initial system analysis, PBX configuration, setting up automated attendants, phone installation and onsite onboarding. We use our expertise to create a custom phone system for you, so that you can focus on your business.

System Uptime


Ticket Resolution

< 5 Minutes

Time to Answer Service Calls

< 3 Rings

Our clients benefit from a custom configuration of business phone features from the four pillars of our service. We make a steadfast commitment to our clients success.

Streamline communications with advanced features such as convenient inbox, “do not answer” list, redundancy, telecommuter connect, white-glove customer service.  Essentially, you’ve got Callifi on your side.  Learn more.

Customize a VoIP phone system with the most relevant features for your business such as phone number, find me / follow me, conferencing, faxing, and security.  And don’t worry, we help you every step of the way.  Learn more.

Phone systems can be a great source of business productivity with features like downtime protection, minimized infrastructure, streamlined systems, easy additions, and onboarding perfected. Learn more.

Communication craftsmen dedicated to and enabling your success with global network mastery, cutting-edge VoIP, impeccable configuration, high-performance systems, and customization for you.  Learn more.

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