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VoIP Provider and Communication Craftsmen Legacy

Our VoIP Provider Mission

As a VoIP Provider, we collaborate with clients to design business phone systems as unique as their business.  Furthermore, we meld our knowledge of telecom and your business to make this happen. Most importantly, we have a steadfast commitment to build these business phone systems and client relationships that last.


By Business Phone System Experts

Our Approach

We have been fulfilling business phone needs with reliable feature-rich systems for decades. Furthermore, we aim to complement your workflow rather than force you to conform to capabilities. Because we have diverse clients, we know how to design and install the right business phone system for your organization. In addition, we partner with proven IP phone manufacturers and use cutting-edge technology to route your calls with the utmost reliability. Above all, we manage your phones & phone service as a true partner.  Furthermore, we provide on-site training to all users until everyone is comfortable getting the most use out of your phones. In conclusion, our experience and know-how make Callifi the go to company for your business phone systems.

Our Communications Craftsmen

With decades of experience providing reliable and streamlined phone systems, Callifi is an authority on all aspects of telecom. Firstly, we unite the reliability and comfort of analog phone service with the flexibility and cost-efficiency of modern IP PBX-based VoIP phone systems. Therefore whatever your requirements, we can build and maintain an office phone system you can trust with the voice of your company. Secondly, many business phone systems falter because organizations settle for specialists in VoIP or analog phone systems that lack insight into the entire breadth of modern telecom technology. Essentially we are a rare breed. We are communication craftsmen.

Callifi CoFounders

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