About Us

We are your local internet phone providers: get connected and stay connected with our amazing customer service.

Callifi has been a telephone company for decades.

We have been fixing phones and keeping our clients connected for many years.  We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality phone systems and top-notch support.  

When you call us we answer.  We don’t put you on hold for hours and we don’t make you install hardware or fix problems yourself.

The way we see it your telephones should be the least of your worries.  You pick up the phone and it works.  

You want your mobile phone to be your office phone? No problem.  

You want your New York phone to ring on the beach in Hawaii?  Easy.  

You need to transfer a call to your assistant in El Salvador as if he were in the office next door?  Done.  

Our features go on and on: texting, faxes, automated answering service, voicemail to email… but the real reason our customers choose us is our support and our ability to get you the features you need when you need them. 

We keep you connected, professionally. 

Let’s talk about your needs.  We’ll create a professional telephone solution at a price that fits your budget.  We are not high-pressure anything, our service is always free and we would welcome the opportunity to impress you with our responsiveness.  


By Business Phone System Experts

Our Approach

We start with a conversation to understand your needs.  

We help you decide what is right for you. 

If you work with Callifi we put together the feature set that keeps you connected. 

We install, configure and troubleshoot the hardware. 

We train you and your staff. 

You make phone calls, and never think about your phones again. 

When you need a feature or you have a problem give us a call and we will figure it out. 

It is that simple.  

Our Communications Craftsmen

We have decades of experience providing reliable phone systems.  We are not just a technology company with a telephone side business. Callifi is an authority on all aspects of telecommunications.  Whatever your requirements, we can build and maintain an office phone system that you can trust to provide a professional impression every time. Rather than treat you like another number in the system, we support you as a human being.  

 Essentially we are a rare breed.

 We are communication craftsmen, focused on making your phones work for you. 

Callifi CoFounders

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