What is VoIP? Well, this blog provides some general information about VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol (IP)

For over a century, telephone service was delivered using complex and expensive analog call routing technology. This technology transmitted voice waves over copper wires. While much voice communication still travels over traditional phone lines at some point in the call path, businesses have discovered the cost and feature benefits of using Internet-based phone service.

Cannot grow with old phone systems

Traditional phone systems, while exceedingly reliable, are inflexible and require expensive and installations that go on for months. And if you need to upgrade your traditional phone system for greater capacity or more functionality, expect to pay dearly. Because of the time required for installation and expansion or the addition of features, analog phone service is not flexible enough to facilitate the fast pace of change modern business requires.

VoIP easily tailors to any business

Switching to Voice over IP eliminates the need for expensive telephone system installations and provides greater flexibility in the the number of lines available as well as more collaboration/routing features. VoIP uses your Internet connection to send and receive calls, so it eliminates the need for expensive and bulky equipment. The addition of additional lines, users, or features uses a simple web-based configuration process. With VoIP, your phone no longer constrains your functionality. Accordingly, these systems supply greater connectivity capabilities by delivering a digital call signal that can be answered on any device in any location.

VoIP takes control of your phone service out of the hands of your carrier and puts it in yours. It easily integrates with other digital communications technology (such as transferring calls to mobile phones, and delivering voicemail to email) to streamline processes and eliminate redundancies. Making routing changes to a VoIP system in the event of staffing changes, or workforce mobilization is easy and immediate.

The Power of VoIP from Callifi

As experts in both traditional telecom and VoIP, we provide phone systems that harness the strengths of both platforms. We deliver reliable connectivity that is flexible around unique business applications inclusive of existing equipment. Please call us for more information or to get a quote. We can help you.