Phone System

Thoughtful Approach to Phone Functionality

Your specific workflows require specific functionality. Beyond basic dialing and call transfers, many phone functions need to be custom built into a system. Customization is standard practice at Callifi, so your VoIP phone system is the productivity enhancing, margin growing communications tool it needs to be. We design unified messaging/communication platforms for YOU. We deliver all of these features and emphasize the ones most important to your business in implementation:

Phone Numbers

We can supply local telephone numbers across the country, including toll-free numbers. Or port existing numbers easily. Now your international clients can reach you without having to pay international rates. Learn More.

Intelligent Routing

Route calls by caller ID so incoming calls are routed to your closest location.

Find Me / Follow Me

Have your number programed to ring all your phones at once, or each one in sequence until you pick up.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to take your office phone number on the move. We’ll show you how to forward calls and set up conditional forwarding. Learn More.

Call Park

Put a call on hold at one desk, and pick it up across the room or anywhere in the world. Learn More.

Voicemail to Email

Receive voice messages as a readable message in your email inbox. Checkout the virtual "answering service". Learn More.


Conference call services are included with your Callifi hosted phone service. Learn More.


Send and receive faxes without headaches using advanced Fax over IP technology that irons out the connectivity issues that typically plague internet faxing.


Protect your system against fraudsters with top-of-the-line encryption, destination restriction, and real-time traffic monitoring.

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