Pragmatism to Boost Productivity & Profit Margins

Businesses trust Callifi because we deliver more than a reduced phone bill. We reduce your infrastructure costs, eliminate procedural redundancies, and enable greater productivity. To make this happen, we provide these powerful features:

Downtime Protection

Protect your business against the costly downtime inflicted by other VoIP providers. Our real-time network monitoring and preventative maintenance measures keep your connection live.

Minimize Infrastructure

Minimize new infrastructure costs by using as much existing equipment as possible, and hosting your VoIP system with Callifi for a low monthly subscription.

Streamlined Systems

Take full advantage of our expert telecommunications knowledge to build a streamlined VoIP system free from superfluous and expensive extras.

Easy Additions

Easily add new phones and extensions without the interruption of additional installation.

Onboarding Perfected

Get up and running without delay. The Callifi installation process has been perfected to minimize interference with fast pace offices.

Minimize Footprint

Free-up valuable floor space and reduce energy costs by removing physical infrastructure from your office and hosting PBX features in the cloud.

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