The Proven Approach to Connectivity

Streamline your business communications with fewer touchpoints, and remove telecom management from your list of to-dos. To deliver this advanced connectivity we provide these powerful features:

Convenient Inbox

Combine your voicemail, fax delivery, and email into one convenient inbox. Learn More.

“Do Not Answer” List

Block disruptive telemarketers with a customizable “Do Not Answer” list.

Resilience thru Redundancy

Never miss a phone call with Callifi’s steadfast redundancy options – the same hosted PBX phone system that proved its resilience against Hurricane Sandy.

Telecommuter Connect

Connect telecommuters as if they’re in the office, with the full range of telephone features and functionality that are accessible remotely.

White-Glove Customer Service

Do what you do best. Our hands-on white-glove phone system service, support, and maintenance lets you focus on your expertise while we provide you with ours.

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