The Cisco CP-8861 is a Ten Button Cisco IP phone which is the latest and greatest from Cisco. This Cisco VoIP phone integrates Bluetooth and the latest Wi-Fi technology for use anywhere and with any bluetooth headset. Additionally, the Cisco 8861 IP phone includes two USB ports with fast charging capability, so you can quickly charge your mobile phone or other devices, while at your desk.
The Cisco 8861 VoIP Business phone includes intelligent proximity. This feature enables you to connect your mobile phone to your desk phone via bluetooth. Import your contacts quickly and easily to your directory. You can also switch audio from your mobile phone to your desk phone with the push of a button.
The 8800 Series of Cisco phones all feature high-security, to ensure all of your business communications are secure so that you can speak with peace of mind, and wideband audio, to provide crisp audio for clear communications.