A phone number for every application

Customize your communications with local phone numbers in any US jurisdiction

Improve your connectability

Make it easy for callers to reach you with a customized telephone number strategy. Add numbers for unique promotions, or for direct dialling into your service or billing departments. Localize your offering by adding a local number in anywhere in the US. Increase sales calls with a memorable toll-free number you can forward to any office through your hosted Callifi phone service.

Phone numbers are an all-too-often essential business tool. You can use local and toll-free numbers to track promotion success, regional clustering of prospects, and to improve your reachability.

Callifi has instant access to add, drop, or reroute phone numbers so that your connectability is nimble, and aligns with current staffing and accessibility requirements.

Bring your phone numbers

Switching to Callifi is easy. We’ll port your existing phone numbers for you. Porting is a simple process that allows you to upgrade your phone service without giving up established local or toll-free phone numbers.

Get a business phone number

Phone numbers are included with Callifi phone service depending on the number of seats you purchase. Additional numbers are available at $2.99/month. Toll-free numbers can be added to any business service account as well.

Forward any phone number anywhere

Any phone number can be rerouted to another phone or office on your account. So your phone system can stay current with adjustments to staff responsibilities, telecommuting, and office or department moves. Contact support, and we’ll change the designated route for any number with immediate effect.

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