Integrated voicemail


Bring voicemails into your inbox for unified message storage

Never miss a message

Connect your voicemail into your regular workflows. Callifi will deliver voicemails to email inboxes to amalgamate communications platforms and reduce the number of interfaces your users consult each day. The result is streamlined processes and greater productivity.

You can be sure users pick up messages anywhere, so even if they spend all day away from their desk, client needs and service requests won’t go unnoticed, and your business will continue to move at pace.

I’m paying a fraction of what I was being charged.

Straight to voicemail

Focused productivity can be interrupted by a single phone call. The Callifi platform facilitates greater productivity by delivering straight to voicemail capabilities. Users will have the power decide when they want calls to route to their voicemail box, or when they’re willing to accept interruptions.

Voicemail specifications:

  • Record and store up to 9 personal greetings per user.
  • 1 Hour of voicemail storage on phone system, messages delivered to email are only limited by the space in your inbox.
  • Voicemail to email is searchable by phone number.
  • Remote voicemail access.
  • Send messages to other users on your system.

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